I am a servant of the Most High, and am blessed to be a second-generation homeschooling, home-keeping wife and mom to 8.

I love to read, write, study and play games with my children, sing, travel, and talk with my husband with a cup of coffee in my hand. I like to cook, but dishes are not my strong-suit. I like doing laundry, but am not overly fond of shopping. I would rather stoop over an open Torah scroll than have a day at the spa – there, I said it!

I love the people and land of Israel (in its Biblically-covenanted entirety), and the Hebrew language! I love to celebrate the Biblical Feasts, and am thrilled to find new ways to keep mitzvot (Biblical commandments).

I am not hyper-scholarly or hyper-technical, and as a homeschooler, I trust you to be able to find your own references for what I’m saying – I’m not going to babysit you through the book of Exodus. It should be relatively easy to find the stories I’m talking about – besides, it’ll be good for you!. (If I refer to an obscure prophetic passage, I’ll let you know where to look.)

I am interested in healthy discussions, but not in division between believers who are supposed to be on the same team.

I am comfortable leaving the answers to all the big questions up to Elohim.

I have no pressing need to figure out each prophetic step of the “end times” before it happens, and I fight against the sin of fear with faith in the One who is trustworthy – who has loved and protected His chosen people throughout time because He is faithful to His covenants!

That’s it for now! (Whew! Rather a manifesto, isn’t it?)

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

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