“Gingerbread” Temple

Chag Hanukkah Sameach!
Just wanted to share with you our first day of Hanukkah crafting success. (I don’t have many crafting success stories, so let me gloat just a minute! 😉 My sis-in-law had the marvelous idea to do a gingerbread version of the Temple in Jerusalem, as a craft with our kiddos. We decided that the surface of matzah actually looks more like Jerusalem Stone than graham crackers with white chocolate or whatever else we would have used, so that’s what we went for.

We used a stack of Rolos for each of the columns – with Ferraro Rocher for the capitals, and Hershey’s gold-wrapped Nuggets for doors and altar. Since we couldn’t manage a cutaway, we brought the interior colors of the Temple (blue, red, purple) to the outside top with colorfully-wrapped Hershey’s Kisses. We have an “animal sacrifice” in the form of a (yes, non-kosher) licorice Scottie Dog. (Anybody have a better idea?) My daughter put a red Hershey’s Kiss on top of that for flames, and we have a small tuft of cotton candy ascending as “smoke.” We had to resort to a Lego priest, as we didn’t manage to acquire any sour patch kids. We have rock candy scattered around the courtyard.

Because the temple we are talking about (the one the Maccabees had to cleanse) was Zerubbabel’s, not Solomon’s or Herod’s, we took plenty of artistic license. Zerubbabel’s temple was pretty bare-bones. We asked the children, “if you were Herod, and had plenty of money and giant candy, how would YOU have chosen to decorate the temple?” Ours was, of course, a cooperative effort, with various children adding their favorite details. 🙂

Happy, happy Hanukkah to all!!





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