Happy Birthday, Honey!

OK, so I’m feeling a little left out, since I can’t wish you Happy Birthday on facebook this year.  I’ll try to make it up to you by giving you a blog post all your own!

Happy birthday to the one whose hand I’m holding (sometimes more tightly than others) as we ride this roller coaster of life together.  I am more convinced every day that you are the most fun, easiest man to be married to EVER, and your way of seeing nearly everything as an adventure to be experienced, a challenge to be met, or a reason to laugh at ourselves makes it all great fun to wake up next to you each morning!  I am blessed to be your wife, and want the whole world to know it! I love you!

Thanks for leading our family as G-d leads you, liking lots of children (more specifically OUR children!), eating what I cook, and being my hero in everything from squashing bugs to pulling our trailer through the mountains!

(Hopefully the picture lives up to your online protocol, and hasn’t given away your secret identity! ;0)

Now I’m off to make your German-Chocolate Chiffon Cake and prep for Shabbat!  See you soon!

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