Shalom, Shalom

So this is my first post . . . hopefully I’ll be better at updating than my sister-in-law, who never got further than this – so far! I’m beginning this blog because I have had some interesting thoughts occur on Torah-related topics.  I googled all of them and came up with NOTHING – so apparently, these are new thoughts that haven’t yet occurred to any blogger or journalist in this day and age, so I thought I’d put them out there to see what others think, and to give others something to find when they google their revelations!

Allow me to introduce myself – to a point.  I am Rivkah, a 2nd-generation homeschooling, Torah-observant mom to 6 beautiful children under 13.  I hardly have time for this, except occasionally in the middle of the night.  I am a “fruitful vine wife” to my husband Ya’akov, and we are nearing our 13th anniversary!  I am blessed to be his bride and the momma to our children.  I am trying to love the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength, and have experienced His miraculous healing power.  I love Israel, and the Hebrew language, and am looking forward to the complete restoration of the whole land and people of Israel, as anticipated by the prophets and apostles throughout the scriptures!

Of course, there’s a lot more to me, but that’s a good view of my core.

I hope you enjoy my blog – and I hope I do, too! 🙂

Oh, and I hope you all had a Happy Passover!

2 thoughts on “Shalom, Shalom

  1. Nice, Rivkah! Wow, when I saw the post about the Tabernacle, I didn’t even scroll down because I thought that was your first! Anyway, I love the musings. Share away, you never know what might be discovered!

    See you on New Moon 🙂


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